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Polluted earth essay

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Why is it that if it does not make us more money than it is not worth it? The Earth, the only planet in our little solar system to contain intelligent life and the only use we can find with that intelligence is to destroy one another and the planet we live on. Ever since the beginning of time humans have only cared about themselves and now that greed is destroying our planet. The pollution of this planet is astronomical, rivers and parts of the ocean filled with trash and the skies over cities have. How do pollution affect the life in earth? The global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth 's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.

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Pollution Essay: Saving The Earth From Humans |

Education, Technology, Festivals. Air Pollution is the bad reality of the world today. Air Pollution is the presence of harmful elements in the air. There are various causes to the spread of pollution of environmental air around us. Air pollution is one of the types of pollution that include water pollution, land pollution, environmental pollution noise pollution, light pollution, etc. The worst impacts of air pollution in multiple aspects, we have already been witnessing around the world.

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Existing health conditions like asthma can also be aggravated because of these natural causes of air pollution. However, the major causes of air pollution are the activities that are undertaken by human beings, which include burning of waste, fossil fuels, smoke originating from vehicles and industries, gases and agricultural activities [5]. The biggest human source resulting in air pollution is the emissions from industrial establishments, power plants and vehicles [2].
Some outcomes of pollution are irreversible and can be deadly. Oil spills can kill overwhelming amounts of marine life and could stand between people and clean drinking water. Pollution occurs all over the world and goes from littering to harmful gases. Different kinds of pollution can bring harm to plants, animals, and people. Pollution can affects all areas of the environment.

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