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Essay on pelvic girdle

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The Appendicular Skeleton

The Pelvic Girdle - Structure - Function - Assessment - TeachMeAnatomy

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Pelvic Girdle Research Paper

This paper presents a discourse on the role of the pelvic girdle in the evolution or rise of birds from reptiles. The evolution of birds will be presented first as introduction followed by the laying down of the similar characteristics of birds and reptiles. The similarities between birds and reptiles are significant in that they provide a basis for the theory that birds evolved from reptiles or that reptiles are the ancestors of birds. The pelvic girdle and its components will then be discussed to further elaborate the importance of the pelvic girdle in the functions of birds.
The appendicular skeleton consists of the pectoral girdle, upper limbs, pelvic girdle, and lower limbs Appendicular-learntech, ; Skeletal, It comprises bones, four in the pectoral girdle: the scapula 2 and the clavicles 2 ; 60 in the upper limbs: humerus 2 , radius 2 , ulna 2 , carpals 16 , metacarpals 10 , and phalanges 28 ; two in the pelvic girdle os coxae , femur 2 , tibia 2 , fibula 2 , patella 2 , tarsals 14 , metatarsals 10 , and phalanges The major function of the pectoral girdle is flexibility, and the major function of the pelvic girdle is stability. Functional differences between the two pairs of limbs in humans is reflected in their structure and in their attachment to the appendicular skeleton Appendicular Skeleton-predator, In humans, the arms are not needed for locomotion, and so are freed for manipulating tools and the environment.

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